Why Social Media?

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Social Media has the reach of Television...

Facebook boasts over 2 billion profiles, with more than 200 million in the US and over a third of these users posting about politics to their average of 350 friends and encouraging others to vote via Facebook.

Twitter has over 300 million active users creating over 500 million tweets a day to respond to the world in real-time.

YouTube reaches more US adults between 18-34 than any cable network with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

LinkedIn serves over 107 million US based users connecting over issues that matter to their professional lives.

With the precision of direct mail...

Facebook audiences can be segmented by interests, party and donation affiliations, demographics, behavior, and by geography right down to a single zip code or congressional district.

Twitter users can be found based on interests, who they follow, geography, and even what they are talking about in real-time!

YouTube can precisely deliver your message to the right people by interests, demographics, search behavior, viewing interests, and geography.

LinkedIn messaging can be tailored to different professions, companies, seniority levels, demographics, and geographies.

Ensuring you can deliver a perfect message every time!