We target and identify television ads within seconds of airing and immediately trigger the start of a Sync'd Social/Digital media campaign.

Campaigns can be sync'd to competitor's ads or to enhance the performance of your own messaging. Sync'd campaigns can be used for:

  • Rapid Response, ensuring competitive points don't go
    unchallenged and trending issues are addressed.
  • Extended Reach of available audience beyond average
    rating points.
  • Deeper Connection with viewers, increasing
    message recall by 41% on average.
  • Ultimate Road Block, increasing reach by launching ads
    across all relevant digital platforms as the TV campaigns air.
  • Raise Conversion Rates by 100% on average.
  • Lower the Cost of newly interested visitors to each site.
  • Increase CTR's by 40% on average.

There are millions of television commercials airing locally & nationally, using broadcast, satellite, and cable TV. We monitor ALL of them and identify the ONE you are looking for within seconds!

The airing of the identified commercial triggers the start of a digital and/or social ad campaign.

We then monitor the performance and optimize regularly for maximum efficiency.

Campaign metrics can be monitored in real time through the Targeted Social portal.

Our exclusive product, Sync'd TV, offers 3 approaches for a customized campaign:

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