We offer fully managed solutions for your Digital & Social media campaigns, with customer service that you can depend on.

Our fully managed social media services include:

Advertising Campaign Management

  • Competitive Analysis: Our teams will identify the "social standing", digital destinations, previous analytics & competitor activities, in order to develop a road map for future initiatives.
  • Targeting and campaign setup: We use sophisticated data mining systems to find all the right targeting elements. Our team of social and digital media experts identify all of the right strategies and ad types to accomplish the goals of every campaign.
  • Media Planning + Buying + Optimization: Media specialists are available for comprehensive budget planning and media execution. Together, we'll determine what works best for your campaign. Our team of insights and analytics specialists will continuously monitor every campaign and offer options to maximize performance.
  • Website & Application Development: Programmers, script writers, data analysts and developers are all available to create and ensure the most seamless flow, optimized destinations and proper attribution for every campaign objective
  • Social Media Management: Social Media experts available to manage and monitor all social media chatter, create content and curate all social channels
  • Campaign Analysis: Beyond the charts and numbers, you get insightful and smart interpretation of all data available, informed by the cumulative learning gained from our work on thousands of prior campaigns.

Television Sync Services

With tens of millions of Facebook users logging onto the platform during prime time hours, there’s a tremendous opportunity to break through clutter by syncing your social media ad campaign directly to the airing of TV commercials with a timely and direct message.

Open Signals

Allows advertisers to synchronize their Facebook advertising campaigns with multiple outside data feeds such as polling data, crime statistics, or even donor goals to activate and optimize their ads in real-time, and ultimately tie their Facebook ad spend to relevant metrics.

Social Listening

What are the hot topics? What are people saying about them? Our proprietary monitoring software measures the online conversation and the sentiment, allowing you to track, capture and respond. Key measurements include: sentiment, volume, influence, authority and geography.

Social Identity

Is your website optimized for social sharing? Does your Facebook presence directly drive voter engagement?  We can help. We do social channel development and optimization across all digital destinations such as within a website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more ensuring that the destination your voters discover directly drives consideration, registration and action.