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All Politics is Social Data

You know the social bug has bitten all candidates when even Mitt Romney is running a Twitter ad to promote @mittromney. The vogue for all things social is one that Socialitical, a New York-based startup firm specializing in political social...


Will The US Election Be Won on Facebook?

Facebook is altering the way politicians communicate with an electorate. So will this be the Facebook election? On the face of things politicians who enter into a social relationship with people online behave differently from when they use other media...


New Tool Helps Politicians Advertise on Facebook

Have you ever come across political advertisements on Facebook? There's a real science behind those ads, and a new service is aiming to help politicians understand and use that science to better connect with people. Socialitical, a project of TargetedSocial...


Video Is Key to Political Facebook Ads In 2012: Socialitical

If the social media marketing firm TargetedSocial is right, video-based Facebook advertising is the next innovation in political communications and will be key to the 2012 elections, from the presidential race to local campaigns. The firm launched a new tool for candidates...


Your Facebook Feed May be Full of Video From Politicians. You've Been Warned.

While social media was merely a baby in the 2008 election, it’s on track to come of age this political season and social video ads will likely play a big part. Witness the launch this week of Socialitical, a specialized social media services company for politicians, campaigns...